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Regular Show, Friendship is Mayhem, part 1
"okay I need you 2 to go put these boxes up in the attic" said Benson.
"what's in these boxes?" asked Rigby.
"there for an event where having at the park" said Benson "so be careful or you're both fired!"
"okay okay" said Mordcai and Rigby.
*They went up in the attic and turned on the lights*
"man whatever event where at the park it must be big!" said Rigby.
"tell me about it these boxes are heavey" said Mordecai.
"man look at all the stuff up here" said Rigby "it looks like an antic store up here"
"yeah man maybe Benson could let us take some of this stuff" said Mordecai.
"probablly not" said Rigby he'll probablly just yell at us as always and tell us that where just going to break it"
"good point" said Mordecai
*As they explored the stuff in the attic Rigby see's a mirror sitting in the middle of all the junk*
"hey Mordecai" said Rigby "check out this weird mirror!"
*the mirror was purple and shaped like a horse shoe*
"huh I wonder where that mirror came from" said Mordecai
"I don't
:iconbry-guy:Bry-Guy 4 145
Regular Show, Friendship is Mayhem, part 2
"what the heck just happened?" Benson asked himself
*he looks around and see's he's in castle*
"wow a castle" Benson said to himself
*Princess Luna comes in and see's Benson*
"who goes there?" asked Luna
"a unicorn?" asked Benson "you don't mean any harm do you"
"of course not" said Luna "why would I?"
"lets just say I had a bad experience with unicorns" said Benson "hey did a blue jay and a raccoon show up here?"
"hmmmm well I heard my sister talking to somepony so that could be them" said Luna
"great" said Benson "where are they?"
"I think my sister sent them to Ponyville" said Luna
"Ponyville?" asked Benson "okay fine could you show me where that is?"
"better yet, I'll simply take you there myself" said Luna
"what do mea.. WOAH" said Benson
*Luna teleported him to PonyVille*
*Meanwhile Mordecai and Rigby where exploring PonyVille*
"dude everyone in this town are horses" said Rigby
"actually where called ponies" said a new voice
*it was Twlight*
"oh sorry" said Rigby
"you guys don't
:iconbry-guy:Bry-Guy 3 16
Regular Show, Friendship is Mayhem, part 3
"Benson what are you doing here?" asked Mordecai
"first things first get that crazy pony under control!" said Benson
*the ponies grab Pinkie Pie and hold her down*
"I'm so sorry sir" said Twlight "that's just my friend Pinkie Pie, she just really like's candy"
"I can clearly see that" said Benson "Mordecai, Rigby, can I have a word with you 2?"
"um okay" said Mordecai
*Benson takes Mordecai and Rigby behind Twlights house*
"okay where the hell are we?" asked Benson
"well it appears to be a world where everyones ponies" said Rigby
"yeah but don't worry Benson these horses are harmless" said Mordecai "not like the ones we delt with last time"
"well we need to leave" said Benson "we have work to do and I'm really nervouse around pink pony!"
"aw come on Benson" said Mordecai "we've descovered a new world"
"yeah" said Rigby "don't you wanna explore it?
"sigh... okay fine" said Benson "we'll visit with these ponies and then it's back to our own world!"
"yaaaay" said Mordecai and Rigby
:iconbry-guy:Bry-Guy 3 105
Regular Show, Friendship is Mayhem, part 6
*and so they all went off in search for Queen Chrysalis's chastle*
"so you know where Queen Chrysalis is Twlight?" asked Mordecai
"yes" said Twlight "like I said I was in her dungeon so I know the exact location"
*as they go searching they start to get to know each other*
"wow I've never seen a bluejay so large as you Mordecai" said Fluttershy
"yeah there are all sorts of strange people in our world" said Mordecai  
"I'll say" said Twlight "your boss is a gumball machine"
"so what are you suppose to be Discord?" asked Rigby
"I'm just a demon of chaos" said Discord "I don't even have a birthday"
"you see Discord used to be evil" said Twlight "but he was forced to change his ways"
"and how's that going?" asked Mordecai
"well he ounce pretended to be sick and make me take him all the way out of Ponyville to get some plant that would cure him just to earn my friendship" said Twlight "so he still has a lot of work to do"
"you're seriously still mad at me about that" asked Discord "I to
:iconbry-guy:Bry-Guy 2 90
Regular Show, Friendship is Mayhem, part 5
*Benson was transported to Queen Chrysalis's dungeon*
"uuugghh where am I?" asked Benson
"Benson they got you two?" asked Skips
*Skips, Pops, Muscle Man, High Five Ghost and Thomas where in Queen Chrysalis dungon as well*
"what are you guys all doing here?" asked Benson
"we were attacked by some unicorn thing" said Muscle Man
"yeah and her minions made themselves into copies of us!" said Skips
"what are we going to do?" asked Thomas
"well it looks like Mordecai and Rigby didn't get captured so it's up to them now" said Benson
*Mordecai and Rigby went running away from Queen Chrysalis*
"AFTER THEM!!" yelled Queen Chrysalis
"HURRY UP RIGBY" yelled Mordecai "we need to go back to Ponyville"
"RIGHT" said Rigby
*Mordecai and Rigby went inside and locked the doors and ran upstairs to the attic*
"okay there's the mirror hurry and get in there" said Mordecai
*Mordecai and Rigby jump into the mirror and go back to Princess Celestia's castle*
"okay here we are" said Rigby
"you boys are back alre
:iconbry-guy:Bry-Guy 3 17
Regular Show, Friendship is Mayhem, part 4
"Look we have to leave now you guys" said Benson "we have a lot of work to do!"
"alright fine" said Mordecai
"well it was great to meet you guys" said Twlight "please come back for a visit"
"can do" said Rigby
"but you might need to keep where your from a secret" said Twlight "or else somepony might do something to stop you guys from coming back!"
"what do you mean?" asked Rigby
"never mind" said Twlight "goodbye"
"um could you take us back the where the mirror is?" asked Benson
"oh right" said Twlight
*Twlight teleports them back to Celetia's castle*
*Princess Celestia's standing there*
"I see you guys are back" said Celesti
"yes and I really wanna go back to my own world" said Benson
"Benson's a little uptight because he got chased by Pinkie Pie" said Rigby
"shut up Rigby" said Benson
"well the mirror is right there" said Celestia
"awesome" said Mordecai "we'll come back for a visit!"
"only when your on break" said Benson sternly
"we know we know" said Mordecai and Rigby
*Mordecai Ri
:iconbry-guy:Bry-Guy 3 53
Regular Show, Friendship is Mayhem, part 7
"where gonna stop you Queen Chyrsalis" said Mordecai
"hah and how do you plan on doing that" asked Queen Chrysalis "I have a whole army with me, ATTACK MY MINIONS"
"EVERYPONY ATTACK" yelled Twlight
*the ponies all tried to fight off the minions but they where too stronge*
"aw man we need to do something" said Mordecai
"I can help" said Discord
*Discord uses his magic on Mordecai and Rigby and turns them into 2 giant monsters*
"Discord do you know what you're doing?" asked Twlight
"of course" said Discord "I'll show you, MORDECAI, RIGBY ATTACK!!"
*Mordecai and Rigby roar and waste no time beating Queen Chrysalis's minions up*
"wow how did you do that?" asked Benson
"I'm magic" said Discord
"but what exactly are you?" asked Benson
"I'm a draconequus" said Discord "a cross between dragon, horse and other animals"
"this isn't important right now guys" said Twlight "we need to stop Queen Chrysalis"
"relax" said Discord "Mordecai and Rigby we'll take care of her"
"don't be so sure" said Quee
:iconbry-guy:Bry-Guy 3 46
Regular Show, Friendship is Mayhem, part 8 Finale
"STOP" Queen Chrysalis yelled "I'M NOT FINISHED YET!!"
*she escape's from Mordecai and Rigby's grip*
*Mordecai punches her in the face, knocking her out*
"I know I shouldn't hit girls but this was personal" said Mordecai
*they go down to where the Elements of Harmony are*
"wow this place is cool!" said Rigby
"okay lets do this everypony" said Twlight
*they unleash the elements of Harmony of Queen Chrysalis putting her in the prison gaurded by the three headed dog*
"well it's all over" said Twlight
"wow that was amazing" said Mordecai "by the way Discord could you turn me and Rigby back!"
"oh yeah right" said Discord
*turns Mordecai and Rigby back to normal*
"well it's time for us to get going now" said Benson
"you guys can't leave" said Pinkie Pie "you'll miss the party!"
"party?" asked Benson
"I always throw parties after stuff like this" said Pinkie Pie
"oh please can we stay for the party?" asked Rigby
:iconbry-guy:Bry-Guy 3 71
All Alone :iconacenos:AceNos 1 0 A Depressing Sight :iconacenos:AceNos 1 0 The fraternal states of Milten university :iconacenos:AceNos 1 0


Some of your art submissions got expired, so if your drawing were expired, submit them again.
Sorry, i didn't checked, next time i will check more often.
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